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And We Carry On

Dean Dempsey

Michael Barrett Laura Kim Chris Silva Nick Cope    

featuring artwork by Michael Barrett, Keith Boadwee, Nick Cope, Chris Corrente, Dean Dempsey, Laura Hyunjhee Kim, Jasmine Moorhead, Chris Silva, Tim Sullivan

guest curated by Nick Cope

on view August 2-31, 2013
reception for the artists August 10, 6-9pm

The landscape opens up across America. The frontier is waiting, for you. You are a woman, a man, a traveler unafraid of what lies ahead. You go naked. A flag waves you on. Oh, dog, say can you see?

Then a different feeling starts to set in, and you realize that the frontier is long since past. You are beside a pool, next to some beautiful flowers, hunched over, misshaping yourself against the manicured you that is expected of you. A car stops and starts again and again in front of the OK Corral. Some people got trigger happy here once, right? And, then, who is that masked man? And why does the car only go in circles?

The questions keep coming. A confidence man keeps asking and answering them. Perhaps it’s time to sit back in the hot tub on the edge of the desert, abandoned liked our souls, and think about our imminent extinction. Masters of the short loop, we carry on. -JM

*Dean Dempsey's work appears courtesy of Bosi Contemporary, New York





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