Pixelvision Cut-up Phantasmagoria at Krowswork - Oct 14th!


Pxl This

Krowswork Gallery is proud to host Pixelvision Cut-up Phantasmagoria on Sunday, October 14 at 8pm. Admission is free but donations are appreciated and encouraged.

Cultural revolutionary Gerry Fialka and video artist Will Erokan multi-mix short films from the PXL THIS Film Festival and subversive social media, archival films and audio to access an elusive psychospiritual energy never before seen or heard.

Experience the death of the Ego as the ecstatic relationships between spatial and emotional conditions is revealed. Join these merry pranksters on a FUN trip.

PXL THIS features films made with the Fisher Price toy video camera. The irresistible irony of the PXL 2000 is that the camera's ease-of-use and affordability, which entirely democratizes movie-making, has inspired the creation of some of the most visionary, avant and luminous film of our time. "If movies offer an escape from everyday life, Pixelvision is the Houdini of the film world." - SF Weekly

FACEBOOK LINK HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/470123796351636/?fref=ts