Ursula Brookbank: SHE WORLD


opening Friday, January 4, 6-9; on view through February 9, 2013;
special closing She World Salon February 10, 2pm - Click here for more info!


SHE WORLD is the new beginning. The nascent, the dark, the meditation on new beginnings, things almost unseen, waiting to be discovered. It is the new cycle of an old consciousness.

Ursula Brookbank has created the SHE WORLD ARCHIVE—relics and ephemera from the lives of women—a resource she uses for her investigations into the assumed relationships and private histories culled from close observation of feminine detritus. A trilogy of rooms at 480 23rd Street is the Oakland residence for the archive where the material and aural congregate in a participatory occurrence called SHE WORLD.

You will enter in the dark, guided by a small flashlight. Follow your instincts. Listen to the deep soundtrack of this experience (by Emily Lacy). Come prepared to be in this world. It is yours now.

Ursula Brookbank (b.1953 Pasadena) is a Los Angeles based artist, who works performatively in the mediums of film, video and photography. She received a BFA in Painting at the University of Florida in 1975. Relocating to LA in 1976, Brookbank started as a darkroom technician in a commercial photo studio, and has been an Art Director for still photography and video productions since 1979. Her image-based work currently engages the feminine detritus of her SHE WORLD ARCHIVE in an ongoing participatory and collaborative dialogue. Her work has been recently shown in Los Angeles at the Echo Park Film Center, The Museum of Jurassic Technology, Luckman Fine Arts Complex, Meridian Gallery, and Craftswoman House as well as the Center for Living Arts in Mobile, Alabama and Krowswork, Oakland, California.